Syn-er-gy [ˈsinərjē]: "the cooperative working together to two or more people or organizations, when their combined effect is greater that the sum of their individual efforts."

Synergy Capital Management, LLC

Fee-Only Financial Planner Atlanta

Today, individuals, families and small businesses need more competent financial and investment advice than ever before. As a fee-only financial advisor, Atlanta based Synergy Capital Management, LLC, provides a unique perspective on financial planning. Given that we do not sell any financial products and are not compensated from any third party, we offer advice on wealth management Atlanta can trust. From investment management to retirement planning, Georgia can turn to us for assistance. Discover how the advice we offer on insurance, taxes, estates and investments Georgia residents can rely on by examining our collection of more information that introduces our fee-only service and overall philosophy.

Located in beautiful Atlanta, Georgia, Synergy Capital Management, LLC provides comprehensive financial planning, investment management and financial consulting services. Whether you need assistance with planning for retirement, your investment portfolio, funding for your children’s education, reducing your taxes, insurance or estate planning advice, or are a business entity interested in setting up a retirement plan for yourself/employees, we are committed to providing the best possible guidance to help you to navigate through the myriad of options.

Carl J. Macko, president and founding principle of Synergy Capital Management, LLC is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) and a Registered Investment Advisor in the State of Georgia. Mr. Macko believes that the essence of sound financial planning and investment management is in building long-term, client-centered relationships. Through a sincere interest in getting to know you and listening to your specific needs and goals, we are dedicated to providing you personal attention, foreseeing a life-long relationship to help our clients improve the quality of their lives. The result is a commitment to personalized service and communication and a relationship that will last for years to come.

We show our honesty and integrity by putting your interests first –always and with no exceptions. Synergy Capital Management, LLC separates itself by doing business on a “Fee-Only” basis, which means our fees are paid directly by you. We do not receive any commissions or kickbacks from third parties, therefore, our independence assures absolutely no conflict of interest.

Please take the time to browse our web-site and see if we can provide you with the outstanding service you deserve. We look forward to assisting you!



Carl J. Macko President - Synergy Capital Management, LLC

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