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The Fee-Only Financial Planner Atlanta Needs

Securing your family's financial future is incredibly important, particularly in this age of economic uncertainty. Many turn to professionals for advice, but this can be a problem if the advisor also acts as a “salesman” representing a line of products. A fee-only financial planner, Atlanta based Synergy Capital Management, LLC, is in the business of advising individuals, families and small companies, not selling financial products. There will never be a question as to the motivation behind any of our recommendations because you can be confident potential commission or sales bonuses are never entered into the equation. We are a fee-only financial advisor Atlanta families and small businesses can trust with their futures.

The Financial Advisor Atlanta Trusts

Trust is an essential element in the client/planner relationship. If the planner in question is also a salesman then whom their loyalty lies with must be considered.  With a fee-only financial planner, Atlanta families get the full benefit of a professional's knowledge and experience without having to be concerned with any third party payments influencing the situation. Too many individuals families receive their financial advice from their insurance agent, banker or stock broker.  Many of these individuals are compensated based on the products their clients purchase. Synergy Capital Management, LLC is the fee-only financial advisor Atlanta can trust for completely independent and sound advice on achieving their goals.

At Synergy Capital Management, LLC we look forward to the opportunity to speak with you about your financial concerns. This gives us a chance to learn more about your current situation, your goals and the various strategies and approaches that you are comfortable taking. Only after we understand you and your goals for the future can we begin to design an appropriate financial plan to reach those goals.

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